Kent Carnley

I was born a third generation Pentecostal. When I accepted the role of preacher, I followed in the steps of my father who had followed my mother’s father.

Born and raised in this tradition of Christianity, my conditioned thoughts were formed as a veil over my child’s intuition of God. Therefore, my conditioned view became my practice which was exclusive. Believing that The Way, The Truth, and The Life was unique to the person of Jesus, I felt the burden of needing to convert every person, religious or otherwise, to my particular view.

After 55 years of singing, teaching and living this narrow version of Christianity, I discovered the magnitude of God in a way that collapsed the ideological walls built in my mind around an inherited deity. I fell in love with omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Life that was too big for any religion. Thus began my personal attempt at understanding that I had been created a spiritual son of God and given a body for the purpose of expression, not containment. This discovery led me to see that the message of Jesus was greater than the messenger, Jesus!

Jesus, who said, “The Father is greater than I”, did not come to promote himself physically, but “I AM” personally! “I am the way, the truth, and the life” is the Jesus message intended to be understood as read, in first person. The name of God forever is “I Am”. Every person of every ethnicity and gender says, “I am”, every day all day long. This God is hiding everywhere in plain sight crossing every line, religious and otherwise!