To bring wholeness, harmony, and transformative change to every aspect of people’s lives.


The connection exists to inspire, to nurture personal growth, and to connect to the Truth of who we are.  Our purpose is to enhance our human experience through a better thought, which creates a better life, resulting in a better world.

The Connection is more than a place, it’s a Dream Idea that exists to enable and enhance every dream of each individual that elects to connect with us! We are here to encourage, support and inspire every time we meet! We are neither a denomination or a sect, we are simply a group of friends who love people and live to facilitate other’s dreams! All that is required to be a part of The Connection is the desire to connect! Come take your place with us and let’s help each other with a better thought, making a better life, resulting in a better world!

Our Team

Kent Carnley

I was born a third generation Pentecostal. When I accepted the role of preacher, I followed in the steps of my father who had followed my mother’s father. Born and raised in this tradition of Christianity, my conditioned thoughts were formed as a veil over my child’s intuition of God....

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